Welcome to the JReport Tutorial

Thank you for your interest in JReport, the leading Embedded Reporting Solution for Java Applications. With JReport, intuitive and sophisticated reporting can be customized and integrated as a natural extension of any application.

This guide is intended to provide an overview of the JReport solution, embedded reporting concepts, and detailed step-by-step lessons on using JReport. To allow for lessons to be completed in a reasonable time frame, not all of the features of JReport are covered.

Lessons are grouped into the following trails:

You can read through the trails in sequential order, or after reading Trail 1, skip to a particular trail that interests you.

UNIX platforms

This version of the JReport Tutorial is developed and written for Windows. File names and paths, sample JSP code, and screen shots in this guide are based on the Windows XP operating system. If you would like a UNIX version of the JReport Tutorial, contact Jinfonet Technical Support at support@jinfonet.com.

How to contact us

If you encounter any technical issues that prevent completion of the tasks outlined in this guide, please do one of the following:

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