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Class ParameterInfo

parameter format String.
  • setFormat

    public void setFormat(java.lang.String format)
    Sets the parameter's format. For certain types of parameters, the value format supplied by JReport may not satisfy your requirement. In this case, you can define your own preferred format. When you have defined the value format, all the values you supply at runtime should be based on it. Otherwise there will be an error message. Notes:
  • The letters that stand for the user defined format should follow the JDK standard. In addition, the user defined format only limits the format of the input value, which does not mean that the display value will be in the same format. To change the display format, you will need to specify the Format property of this parameter in the Report Inspector.
  • The user defined format will show different appearance under different locale, and you need input values according to the displayed format. For example, under the Spanish or French locale, ####.## will be displayed as #0,## and you should follow #0,## to input values.
format - User defined format.