Track 2: Creating business views and web reports

JReport provides the web reporting solution that is aimed at easier and faster report creation and design, faster report execution, easier customization, and better presentation style using a newer Rich Internet Application (RIA) Web 2.0 interface. Web reports are viewed using a new interactive viewer called Web Report Studio. Web Report Studio provides a much nicer end user experience with many powerful features for interfacing with a report such as changing parameters without re-running the report.

The data sources that can be used to create web reports are business views that are resources built on top of queries.

In JReport Designer, report developers can create, open and edit web reports. Web reports created on JReport Server can also be downloaded to JReport Designer for further editing.

In this track we will create a business view and a web report based on the business view.

Note: A JReport Live license for JReport Designer is required in order to perform this track. If you do not have the license, please contact your Jinfonet Software account manager to obtain it first.

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